Beautiful images of your source code

About a year ago I came across some handy little tool to create nice looking images of your source code, it´s called carbon and can be used via your web browser. Just copy & paste your code into the textbox, do some adjustments like selecting a theme, background color or your code language. After that you are able to export it to an image file, which of course can be used everywhere, I usually use it for examples or in my presentation slides... What was new for me is, that someone created a command line utility which wraps the functionality of the homepage, which of course is way nicer to use :)
So I don´t have to copy & paste the code again and again, instead I save my work to a local file and then can generate an nice image just be firing some commands, even batch processing is now possible and saves me a lot of time.
You will find the whole project with instructions on GitHub: That´s it, hope the one or other also finds this tool helpful! And what´s nicer than beautiful source code :)