Awesome Oracle APEX List on GitHub

Maybe you have already seen my recent tweet about it: So I´m calling now for community power to help extending that list with great articles, blogs, tips & resources. Goal should be to make this awesome list even more awesome and a helpful guide / reference for everyone using Oracle APEX! Here are some steps to contribute to this GitHub project:

  • Create a GitHub Account here

  • Fork the main GitHub repository. After that, you will find the forked repository under your GitHub user ( #github-user#/awesome-orclapex )

  • Edit the file and add a APEX blog, link, article or resource. Here´s a contribution guide. You can do it either in the GitHub web interface or via git command line tools

  • Create a Pull Request to pull your changes to the main repository. I will review the changes and merge it into the main Readme file.

That´s it! Thanks for your contributions, together we can make this even more awesome! :) Ps: Maybe you´re interested in the complete GitHub awesome stuff, then you will find many awesome projects here.