APEX Badges for your GitHub projects

As you might already have seen in this tweet:

You are now able to simply add an APEX badge to your APEX GitHub projects.
This is done by nothing more than adding some markdown to your Readme.md file or any other markdown file in your repository.

Example markdown:

[![APEX Community](https://cdn.rawgit.com/Dani3lSun/apex-github-badges/78c5adbe/badges/apex-community-badge.svg)](https://github.com/Dani3lSun/apex-github-badges)

You will find more badges and examples on the GitHub project page.

Contributions and ideas, maybe new badges are highly welcome!
Let´s show the open source world how great the APEX community is! 🙂

Awesome Oracle APEX List on GitHub

Maybe you have already seen my recent tweet about it:

So I´m calling now for community power to help extending that list with great articles, blogs, tips & resources.
Goal should be to make this awesome list even more awesome and a helpful guide / reference for everyone using Oracle APEX!

Here are some steps to contribute to this GitHub project:

  • Create a GitHub Account here

  • Fork the main GitHub repository. After that, you will find the forked repository under your GitHub user ( #github-user#/awesome-orclapex )

  • Edit the README.md file and add a APEX blog, link, article or resource. Here´s a contribution guide. You can do it either in the GitHub web interface or via git command line tools

  • Create a Pull Request to pull your changes to the main repository. I will review the changes and merge it into the main Readme file.

That´s it!
Thanks for your contributions, together we can make this even more awesome! 🙂

Ps: Maybe you´re interested in the complete GitHub awesome stuff, then you will find many awesome projects here.